Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson (a short review?)

I have been reading  Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy since around June of 2016. The past two weeks I decided to dedicate myself to reading it every day. Thus I have finally finished it! Now that I have officially finished it, I can say it’s my favorite book. It’s so full of helpful information and great perspective on our body, how to treat ourselves, and so much more. I had my husband get it for me, for my 30th birthday. Oh was it perfect for turning 30. It’s funny because I never really tuned into my own body until around my 30th birthday. That’s when I noticed things such as how different food affected me. Reading this book really was ironic in a way because Kate talks about the same exact thing. She never really tuned into herself until around her 30th birthday. Must me a normal thing… Just to show you how much I love the book here are how many marks I have in it: IMG_3409.jpgYeah…there are a lot. I marked key points that I liked, or pages that pointed out things really spoke to me. When I go back later it will be easier to look up the stuff I really wanted to keep looking back at. I really do plan on rereading it a lot. Here is a part of the book that I thought was great and figured I would share;img_3406Self love, it is important. The older I’m getting I realize self love is important. Thank you for this beautiful book Kate.


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