Craving spring

I’m craving spring so bad that I’m dreaming about. Sometimes I think about the sound of rain… I got lucky enough a few days ago to actually get some rain. The rain melted a lot of the snow. Then the weather got cold again and more snow came. I’m focusing on how lucky I am to get a glimpse of rain again. It’s a nice break from now. Sometimes you just have to refocus to see the magic in life.


Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson (a short review?)

I have been reading  Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy since around June of 2016. The past two weeks I decided to dedicate myself to reading it every day. Thus I have finally finished it! Now that I have officially finished it, I can say it’s my favorite book. It’s so full of helpful information and great perspective on our body, how to treat ourselves, and so much more. I had my husband get it for me, for my 30th birthday. Oh was it perfect for turning 30. It’s funny because I never really tuned into my own body until around my 30th birthday. That’s when I noticed things such as how different food affected me. Reading this book really was ironic in a way because Kate talks about the same exact thing. She never really tuned into herself until around her 30th birthday. Must me a normal thing… Just to show you how much I love the book here are how many marks I have in it: IMG_3409.jpgYeah…there are a lot. I marked key points that I liked, or pages that pointed out things really spoke to me. When I go back later it will be easier to look up the stuff I really wanted to keep looking back at. I really do plan on rereading it a lot. Here is a part of the book that I thought was great and figured I would share;img_3406Self love, it is important. The older I’m getting I realize self love is important. Thank you for this beautiful book Kate.

Self love


This is beautiful! It’s important to love yourself and take time for you.

I have finally come to realize this after a hard 10 months of having two daughters. I felt almost in balance before I became pregnant with my second daughter. I then spent my whole pregnancy mainly stressed out. To be completely honest I was afraid and knew that having two kids was going to be really challenging for me. I constantly focused on how hard things were going to be…which made it come true. We manifest what we focus our thoughts and energy on. The past 2 months I finally started realizing this (Took me long enough!) and started focusing on more positive thoughts.

I have learned to take some time for me. Before I would put 110% into taking care of my kids all day and watching over them like a hawk. Then I finally realized how draining that is. My youngest will be turning 12 months/1 year old in two months. I need to pull back from her and let her play. I need to pull back from both of them and give them freedom to roam and play. So that’s just what I have been doing. Letting go, relaxing, learning to breathe deeply and pause when stressed, and most of all don’t hold on to negative energy and thoughts. I’m finally doing yoga again and taking time to meditate!! I’m excited about that and the freedom I have reclaimed. I’m actually taking time to drink tea every day. It’s as if I was being followed by a dark cloud and now it’s gone.

When I meditate I tell myself all kinds of nice things. I tell myself; you are loved, breathe out the negative and breathe in the positive, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are centered…and many other countless nice things I can think of. I feel amazing afterward. It’s a perfect example of positive words, thoughts, and energy can do. Afterward it’s like my “battery” is filled back to 100% and I don’t feel drained mentally/physically. It’s beautiful! It all resonates perfectly with this quote. 💗